Finlab - Remix Full Stack Client and Admin Finance Template

Finlab is a fullstack Client, Dashboard/Admin Finance Template build with Remix, Shadcn/ui, Prisma, etc. Finlab is fully responsive and easy to customize.

Whether you’re creating a web application, dashboard, admin panels, or SASS based interface, Finlab helps you to create your next Remix App even faster than before.

The Figma Design Resource file is not included in the package. This is where you can get it

Technology stack

  • Remix
  • Typescript
  • Shadcn/ui (Radix ui + Tailwind CSS)
  • Prisma
  • Remix Flat Routes
  • Tanstack table
  • Conform
  • Apexcharts react


  • 60+ high-quality Client & Admin/Dashboard screens
  • Fully responsive design
  • Charts
  • Easy to customize
  • Regular updates
  • ESLint & Prettier
  • Authentication
  • Form validation

And much more…



And much more…

Updates & support

The duration of the support and updates depends on the license you will have purchased. But you will have at least:

  • 6 Months Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates

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    Sep 8, 2023

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